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Starsiege by Dynamix

The Alpha Tech Release 2 (ATR2) is out, you can get it here

It does have built in support for the Panther XL which will work perfectly for the A3D & CH Joysticks. If you use No Joystick, Generic or TM Joystick you can edit the PantherXL.cs file and change the functions to your desired preference.

One NOTE of interest. You may want to the Look Up/Down function reversed. To do this you will need to edit the PantherXL.cs file. Find and edit the line for the slider1 to have a flip command.

i.e. bindAction( joystick, slider1, TO, IDACTION_LOOK_Y, deadzone, 0.01, scale, 0.6, center, flip );

or, you can grab this file and save it to your starsiege/keymaps folder.

In the coming days I will add a chart to show you the functions as they are defined in the PantherXL.cs file

Game Setups and Hints

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