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Christopher Brokes, Nightraven[A3D] Reviews the PantherXL at the Assassin Zone

Steve Hailer, Steveo[A3D] Reviews the Panther XL at the Assassin Zone

A new one for the Panther XL..

I ordered your product online over a year ago (closer to 2 years now I think).  After some initial problems with the shipping (I live in Canada), which you yourself addressed, I recieved my Assassin 3D.

My world was never the same.   It is quite simply the highest quality, easiest to use, has the lowest learning curve and the best support of any product of it's ilk on the market.  It has preformed flawlessly for me, and I put it through VERY heavy use.

My roommate recently became tired of being my buttboy in Quake2, so he went and bought the MadKatz [MadCatz] Panther XL...WHOA.  That joystick alone is the best I have tried...very comfortable (why is it not sold by itself?).  So regretably, my Assassin will be soon retired to make way for the Panther.  

Keep up the good work on this product.  I bet most everyone loves it.

PS: The Birdman (who is a SpaceOrb 360 advocate) has a webpage DEVOTED to all things SpaceOrb360.  He recently reviewed the PantherXL.  Guess what controller he promptly bought?

Sean Kaplinski

Here is an email from an Assassin 3D Clan Member to Snipe at PCgames.


I use a setup exactly like yours. (Assassin 3D controller and microsoft sidewinder pro) The short story goes something like this:

I was once a mouser in search of a controller designed more for deathmatch and less for selecting icons on a desktop. Then I heard about the Assassin 3D controller. Within a few hours after snatching the controller from its protective shipping material I was able to perform at a level higher than that of my earlier gaming experiences. In just a couple of days the customization features of the Assassin had allowed me to far surpass my skills with a "pointer". I know that there are many players out there that are better than me, some of whom might use a mouse (hehe). Seriously, I think that given a little practice any mouser can increase their skill significantly by using a true 3D controller like the Assassin. In all fairness I have not used the space orb or any controller combinations other than the Assassin. I felt that my quest for a "quake" controller ended the minute I plugged the Assassin in. This is not meant to be a advertisement for the Assassin, rather a short statement intended to help anyone thinking about a new controller setup for 3D games.

Clan Assassin 3D

I love the Assassin!!

My cool move of the day: Playing DM last night, on IOA QuakeWorld I did a cool move that I've got to practice more. After watching those PB guys jump and shoot I thought I can do that too. So here goes. Guy's behind me so I grab RL, jump and while in the air, spin 180 degrees and aim down and boom! He doesn't know what hit him, meanwhile his shots harmlessly go under me. That is the power of the Assassin! :)

Training Guildmaster


At first I was speculating a bit as to how much better it would be than the mouse, because frankly I can do all the stuff that i saw on the demos, just not with such ease because I would have to pick up the mouse. I didnt used to mind that I had to pick it up, but now that all I have to do is move my fingers, its SOOO much easier. I LOVE THE ASSASSIN 3D! I have noticed some higher frag counts and frags that I probably couldnt have pulled off before with the mouse, but, since Im always in first or second place at the end of a level anyways, it doesnt matter, but I still have a lot more fun with the assassin than the mouse. We have like 5 computers at my house and we usually play together over the internet with at least two of them, so, ill be ordering another assassin within a week or two. Im just totally amazed. Good job FP Gaming. You have made me one happy customer. I realize im sending this mail to Support, so, if u can, just forward it or something to the guys that get all the mail about comments. your loyal customer,


The Assassin 3D has become an important part of my Quake identity, as I refuse to go into any battle without it.

The Assassin is by far the most capable control device for Quake, because it provides quick, smooth, and deadly accurate movement. This is a far cry from the choppy turns encountered with mice. Also I never have to fumble for certain keys, as everything is always at my finger tips. The Assassin 3D is much more comfortable than the keyboard and mouse configuration during long sustained battles.

Mike Kaminski [Assassin, leader of clan FireStorm]

Here is an e-mail that really touched our hearts.

Hi FPGaming,
What a great product!

I received my Assassin 3D yesterday and wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. Aside from the fact that it really enhances gameplay, I was really pleased at how easy it was to set up. Generally, I expect the software/driver installation process to be painful. But, your software was a snap to install. I had Duke3D and Quake running in under 30 minutes. It's obvious that you folks made ease-of-use a priority in your design.
I also think the user manual is fantastic. It really gets to the point: "how do I get this thing to work with my games?" The hints sections are very useful as well.

[unsolicited advice]
I think your web site needs some sort of side-by-side comparison with the SpaceORB. From a na´ve customer point of view, they seem to be your most direct competition. After doing a lot of reading, I concluded that your product is better. I think it would help potential customers make up their minds if you spell out the differences between the Assassin and the Orb on your web page.

I'm going to recommend Assassin 3D to all my gaming friends. Hope you sell many more!

David Vasconcelos

It just makes me want to cry... Check out the [Gamers Corner] for the Demos !

This comment came directly from Richard Brewer "^DragOn^" at [Quake World Central]

Just get one. This thing is amazing. I never thought I'd like anything aside from my mouse, but this is unbelievable. If you liked the Wingman Warrior for DooM, The Assassin 3d is certainly something you'll want to try out for Quake-- it takes a bit of getting used to, but is well worth the effort.

Richard Brewer "^DragOn^"

This thing is awesome I never got real good with mouse and keyboard , I was using joystick with keyboard this is the best of both worlds.

Thanks for a great product
Derek L. Black

I am averaging frag amounts that are about double my opponents, on a good day, thanks to the Assassin. I find myself able to out turn my opponents, I am able to run rings around them and kill them before they can point their weapon at me! I once thought nothing was better than the keyboard+mouse configuration, but I was very wrong. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will never go back to the keyboard and mouse again!

Mike Kaminski
(HD-Assassin)-of-Hand of Doom

Just a quick note to say this is a great controller. Really gives another dimension to playing Quake. Duke 3-D was my favorite game but with the control the Assassin gives to Quake, I now play Quake more often than Duke.


Hi, thought I would let you know that the assassin rules!!! I'm playing solo, and have made it to e2m6 so far, playing off and on, but I'm playing at NIGHTMARE LEVEL!!. This is a cool piece of hardware!

The Unknown Assassin

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