Duke Nukem 3D

See below for Duke it out in DC by Wizard Works and
Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition by 3D Realms


Move to the game directory and run the Assassin Launch Program.

cd \games\duke3d
alaunch duke3d

Alternately, you can configure the external program that Duke Nukem 3D will run. Go into the DUKE3D directory and type the following:

<down arrow> 2 times
(this highlights the "Controller Setup" menu)
<enter> (this selects the "Controller Setup" menu)
<enter> (this selects the "Choose Controller Type" menu)
<down arrow numerous times> (select the "Keyboard and External" option) (Screen Shot)
<enter> (this selects the "Keyboard and External" option)
<down arrow 5 times> (this highlights the "Setup External" menu) (Screen Shot)
<enter> (this selects the "Setup External" menu)
<enter> (this selects the "Change External Program Name" option)
alaunch.exe <enter> (this defines the external program name) (Screen Shot)
<escape> <escape> (this returns you to the Main Menu)
<down arrow 8 times> (this highlights the "Save and launch Duke Nukem 3D" option)
<enter> (this saves the new settings and launches the game)

Note: Setting up the external program within the Duke Nukem 3D setup program will allow you to use the Assassin 3D with other Duke Nukem 3D features such as modem play. This is the recommended method when playing online.

Default Operation Table

Listed below is the default operation of all the Assassin 3D controls. For convenience, the user can reconfigure any of the button assignments. Refer to the Button Reconfiguration section for details on how to reassign buttons.

Control Feature
Joystick - Axis X Strafe Left/Strafe Right
Joystick - Axis Y Move Forward/Move Backward
Joystick - Rudder not used
Joystick - Throttle Set Medium Speed/Set High Speed
Joystick - Button A Fire
Joystick - Button B Open
Joystick - Button C Inventory Right
Joystick - Button D Inventory Select
Joystick - Button X1 Jetpack
Joystick - Button X2 Portable Medkit
Joystick - Hat Button 1 - North Aim Down
Joystick - Hat Button 1 - South Aim Up
Joystick - Hat Button 1 - East Jump Forward
Joystick - Hat Button 1 - West Crouch
Joystick - Hat Button 2 - North Pistol
Joystick - Hat Button 2 - South Ripper
Joystick - Hat Button 2 - East Rocket Propelled Grenade
Joystick - Hat Button 2 - West Shotgun
Trackball - Axis X Turn Left/Turn Right
Trackball - Axis Y not used
Trackball - Button Left Look Left
Trackball - Button Middle Turn Around (180 degrees)
Trackball - Button Right Look Right

Tricks and Tips

  1. Duke Nukem 3D deathmatching is extremely fast moving. Set your speeds to the maximums (90) or you are a sitting duke. Also, you are able to move faster than a keyboard or mouse/keyboard player. Their maximums are 80. Enjoy exploiting that advantage (and don't tell them).
  2. Duke Nukem 3D has a ton of features in comparison to any other 3D shooter. To minimize your keyboard-hunting time, get a joystick with a lot of buttons. The ThrustMaster FCS and the WingMan Extreme have 8 each and the CH CombatStick has 14. The more buttons you have access to, the more deadly you will become.
  3. The Look Left and Look Right buttons come in very handy in situations where you want to push a switch in front of you and at the same time be looking down the hallway. Near the end of Episode 2 there is a nice door that you can easily open and close on the onslaught of Sentry Drones while at the same time keeping an eye on them approaching.
  4. The Jetpack button is a very nice button to have available for easy access. This converts a hair-raising experience of falling and madly hunting for the J key into an a simple emotionless finger-flick.
  5. The Medkit button is a very nice button to also have available for easy access. It's almost like having 300% health.
  6. Consider having individual buttons for your favorite Items and just removing the Inventory Select and Inventory Use buttons. In typical deathmatching, having the Jetpack, the Medkit, the Steroids and the Holoduke all as individual buttons is extremely effective.
  7. Since the Inventory Left and Inventory Right buttons will wrap around, there isn't a need to assign both to your joystick. This saves a button for another feature.
  8. There are two Jump buttons. The first is the standard Duke Jump button and the second is called Jump Forward. This latter button is actually a macro. When you press this button, you both jump up and move forward at full speed (for a fraction of a second). There is no longer a need to coordinate moving forward with jumping. This makes it much easier to jump onto boxes, ledges, etc. The disadvantage is that if you want to go straight up with the jetpack, you will need to pull the joystick handle backwards as you travel up. The default is the Jump Forward button. Try both and choose the one you like.
  9. Aiming Up and Aiming Down allow you to more precisely aim your weapons. One particularly brutal combination is to fire grenades down onto the ground while flying with the Jetpack. Even if you miss your opponent, there is a good chance that the blast is going to be very, very close and painful if not deadly.
  10. Having a joystick with a throttle or having a Speed Toggle button both easily allows you to switch between Medium and Fast speeds. This allows you to drop into a slower speed for traversing difficult areas like a narrow ledge.

Button Reconfiguration

All buttons can be reconfigured to your liking. Duke Nukem 3D has the following configurable features:

Duke Nukem 3D Feature Configuration Number
None 0
Fire 1
Open 2
Jump 3
Crouch 4
Look Up 5
Look Down 6
Look Left 7
Look Right 8
Aim Up 9
Aim Down 10
Foot 11
Pistol 12
Shotgun 13
Ripper 14
Rocket Propelled Grenade 15
Pipe Bombs 16
Shrinker 17
Devastator 18
Tripbomb 19
Freezer 20
Inventory Select 21
Inventory Left 22
Inventory Right 23
Holoduke 24
Jetpack 25
Night Vision Goggles 26
Portable Medkit 27
Turn Around (180 degrees) 28
Map 29
Center View 30
Steroids 31
Jump Forward 32
Speed Toggle 33

Duke it out in DC by Wizard Works

This game will require that you have the registered version of Duke Nukem 3D (see Duke Nukem 3D setup above). Once you install the software package you just need to go into their gamer.exe file and activate it (follow the directions included with the game). Then quit the gamer.exe program and launch duke3d as you normally do. You will see the option for Duke it out in D.C. when you select an episode.

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition by 3D Realms

This Version has added a couple of new levels that are every bit as playable as the original.
The setup for Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition is the same as Duke Nukem 3D. Change to the games installed directory and launch it using the Alaunch program.
i.e. C:\ATOMIC>
alaunch duke3d

Game Setups and Hints

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